Website as an opportunity

Your business is available to customers 24 hours / day, 365 days / year. Searching the internet is the most popular way of finding information so it s very important that customers can find you!. You can advertise your services and convert visitors into customers! Check out our special website plans and go online.

TOP 6 reasons to go online

Mobile Responsive Websites

As the number of accesses to the web through mobile devices constantly increases, it is important that you also have a mobile website, which enables a great user experince and easier information search for your visitors. They will see an optimized website on their cellphones and tablets, but not through usual computer screens.

Mobile website design

How to get your own website?

The ordering process and website design follows the simple steps

  • Send us an inquiry with your wishes
  • We contact you, add suggestions, and you send us the text and images that will be included in the project
  • A website draft will be sent to you for a review
  • We make adjustments and publish your website! Start getting new visitors!

Start getting new buyers!

Our services also include

In order to establish and maintain a professional relationship between us, we have the following services ready, which you get when ordering any of our website plans.

  • Choosing a proper domain for you
  • Hosting price included in Maintenance
  • You get company e-mails
  • E-mail support included
  • We take care of website security updates
  • Detailed instructions on article publishing
  • Facebook page linked to your website

Why us?

  • We listen carefully to your needs and make an attractive, mobile-optimized website adjusted to design of your company symbols,
  • You can get all that is neccesary to advertise your business in Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries. Translations, advice and appropriate hosting,
  • A regulary updated website is the best website. Get detailed instructions and advice to publish your news on your own!
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