Multilingual website and translations

European market has a lot of potential and nowadays it is very simple to offer your business services worldwide. We are specialized in developing multilingual websites and translating from English to languages used in Southeastern Europe (Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian). You can get all of the services to target those markets and invest in a website to start selling your services or products here.

If you are considering having a site in Balkan languages then you came to the right place. Our focus is offering you services of translating texts and developing multilingual websites especially in Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian language - one big market all together. The website can also be combined with English and/or German language. We take care of:

  • Easy language switch
    Simple switching beetwen languages through national flags. When changing the language, user stays on the same subpage
  • Skype call from website
    Very useful for internatioanl companies and easy to get in touch with visitors
  • Translations
    Because of very specific and similar language features in SouthEast Europe, we translate texts from English to Slovenian, Croatian or Serbian language and develop a website using each one of them
  • Adding new articles is easy
    We provide simple instructions on how to add new texts to the website
  • We advise
    Get information and advice about market, opportunities and possibilities in this region
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Why us?

  • We listen carefully to your needs and make an attractive, mobile-optimized website adjusted to design of your company symbols,
  • You can get all that is neccesary to advertise your business in Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries. Translations, advice and appropriate hosting,
  • A regulary updated website is the best website. Get detailed instructions and advice to publish your news on your own!
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