Your personal information is protected by the website owner. Without your prior consent we do not send your data to third parties or businesses. Despite the high standard of protection of the system, we can not guarantee that an intrusion can not happen.

On the server, the following information is stored::
  • IP addresses of the orders via e-mail or web form, name and surname, address,, mailing address, contact phone, time and date of the contract, and other information relating to the contract.
  • Other information, which each user can optionally put in a web form
  • Cookies and sessions, which website uses for easier managing

The above data obtained from the first and second indents will be used for order fulfillment, sending invoices, promotional materials of company Lokanet, Bor Jemec s.p. and other communication between client and Lokanet, Bor Jemec s.p.

Google Analytics is used to track website visitors statistics.

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