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Mobile websites are very similar to ususal ones in terms of design and functions. The difference is that they provide information less concentrated and adjusted to the screen size of mobile device. As the number of users via mobile phones is increasing, it makes sense to invest in mobile site development.

Mobile website on an iphone

Mobile website is actually just a normal one, but optimized for viewing on mobile devices. It brings an improved user experience for visitors via smartphones or tablet computers.

Features and benefits:

  • Design similarities to desktop website
    It is important to follow design guidelines in all areas of your business, therefore, the mobile version is aesthetically similar to the normal website and also includes all the features
  • Content on mobile and usual website
    You do not have to add content two times, because it automatically converts to viweing on smartphones
  • Tap to call
    It is an option of automatic dialing by tapping the phone numbers on website. Visitors save time because they do not have to manually dial the digits
  • Navigation and other content
    Navigation on the site (menu) is positioned differently that does not obscure the content. Additionally, the text size increases or narrowes when neccesary. Visitors do not have to manually zoom the content, which is especially ideal for older people with impaired vision.
  • Reputation
    Having a mobile site increases your customers confidence and makes them easier to choose your business!
Get your mobile website!

Why us?

  • We listen carefully to your needs and make an attractive, mobile-optimized website adjusted to design of your company symbols,
  • You can get all that is neccesary to advertise your business in Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries. Translations, advice and appropriate hosting,
  • A regulary updated website is the best website. Get detailed instructions and advice to publish your news on your own!
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