Website safety

When developing a website, we must not forget about protection from malware or break - ins. Informationstored online can be very important for company and any downtime can mean a loss of revenue due to unavailability of the website. Beacuse of that we use certain actions to protect information and servers

In order to keep your website invulnerable against malware or hackers we use following measures:

  • Double protected access to administration area
  • Capctha challenge for user registration
  • Elimination of development method from source
  • Maximum strength passwords
  • Regular updates at security releases
  • Protected folders on server

You also have to follow certain guides to protect yourself! Never publish passwords online or give them to people you do not know. Do not make changes or upload files to server unless you know what you are doing. Avoid accessing to administration panel in public places using Wi-Fi connections or public computers, or at least make sure you logout before you leave. Follow mentioned steps and your website will stay secure!

Get secure website!

Why us?

  • We listen carefully to your needs and make an attractive, mobile-optimized website adjusted to design of your company symbols,
  • You can get all that is neccesary to advertise your business in Slovenia, Croatia and other Balkan countries. Translations, advice and appropriate hosting,
  • A regulary updated website is the best website. Get detailed instructions and advice to publish your news on your own!
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